1. Unneccesary OR damaged things: clothes, utensils, fancy articles...
2. Avoid dust and dirt into house
3. Avoid buying too many things that are less useful
4. Avoid bad relatives into house
5. Avoid negative feelings and emotions and thoughts
6. Avoid disturbing animals such as dogs cats and birds if they are nuisance to your well-being
7. Avoid watching serials that emotive, sensation sentimental
8. Avoid looking at your mobile more than max two hours a day.
9. Avoid negative cosmic energy like over crowd of noisy people during feasts, celebrations....
10. Avoid negative energy from people in public places like bus, trains when they jamming one another.

1.when you pose for pictures or videos, give a very good smile. It will attract YOU first and of course others.
2. When someone known OR unknown visits OR meets you, give a positive or welcoming outlook
3. When praying, believe you have achieved what you pray for
4. Plan and execute well what you want to achieve in life
5. Positive energy that is in YOU, is medicine or healing for you
6. In the midst of negative people, Jesus proved and stabilized his positive energy and that brought miracles in others. So too, you are strong positive energy for others
7. Search only for peace and happiness and healing in every thing, you will be able to miracle in you ... Auto digestion " I WANT PEACE, I WANT PEACE....". REPEATEDLY SAYING THIS
8. people l…