My Social Work Towards the Underprivileged in our Soceity

The Mighty Lord reveals good hearted friends in my ministry to carry on my mission He has entrusted to me. As of now I head a parish of 500 families in the city of Bangalore. I was earlier in St.Peter's church, Rustambagh, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Whereas now I am serving in St.Jude's Church in the city, a parish where English is the main language of worship and communication. Here people are multi-lingual and multi-ethnic..very interesting ministry.

With regard to my other ministry to the poor and the needy I have Three dimensional ministry. Namely:
1. Towards poor children
2. Towards poor widows
3. Towards old people (Senior citizens)

In relation to the poor children, I am educating 57 children with all helps required for their education including Text books, note books, monthly fees and initial payment (huge), shoes, belt, tie, colour and school uniform dresses, medical exams twice a year, Christmas gifts and so on. Since 2004, I am continually helping them with some assistance from people like you so spirit filled and hailing from good families.

I Appreciate your faith and love for the needy.

In relation to the poor widows, I have planned for 50 forms with all relevant documents. Once I find sponsors, I handover a form to the sponsor who decide how they would like to help the selected old woman. Then I receive the money and help the old widows chosen by sponsors. These old widows are from the abandoned city of Kolar Gold fields, a gold mining town almost 100 kms from Bangalore. These widows are wives of the late ex-mining workers who have died of some mal-effects of underground mines.The widows are from a very poor background.

This is to help the widows every month an amount for their sustenance or medicine.

In relation to the senior citizens, I am planning to put up a home for the aged in a piece of land that I inherited from my parents' property. It is 425 ft long and 70 ft width. I have already designed a planning that requires sanction or approval from civil authorities ( obtaining permission from civil authorities here in India is a big process involving big bribes..God forbid!... Still I am working at it..).

Thus dear friends, I am into these 3 phased ministries apart from my parish ministry. The above 3 phased ministries are for the gold mining families who are totally abandoned by the government as the mining sector in is closed down in 2001. Since then 4500 these families struggle for their livelihood. It is here (Kolar Gold Fields, a gold mining town established by the then British East India Company in 1885) that I am concentrating my charity and social work.