The Lord's Nest Project activities

Site for Building THE LORD’S NEST : My Brothers and Sisters. I am very glad to share with you an information that I have inherited from my parental property a share of a land site of 425’ X 70 ‘ in the Andersonpet area, Kuppam Road in KGF. The Lord inspired me as His servant priest, to donate this land for poor old widows and the dying and for poor children for their shelter and education respectively.

After a long legal fight with various departments, I have it now for the construction of the above mentioned projects. I DO FIRMLY BELIEVE THIS IS LORD’S WORK “Unless the Lord builds the labourers do it in vain….…”(Ps.127:1,2)

The overall cost of the project construction that consists of a chapel, doctor’s room with infirmary, dormitory, individual rooms for very old and dying, dining rooms, kitchen rooms, store rooms, staff rooms, admin block, corridor for the senior citizens to walk around, with a pleasant garden is all estimated somewhere around Rs.1.25 crore ($ 208,333). I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ARRIVE AT THIS FIGURE WITHOUT THE LORD’S SUPPORT THROUGH GENEROUS HEARTS LIKE YOU.

All that I seek from you is a little contribution (little drops make ocean) that would be of great help for the project. This project is purely a charitable and private in the light of the gospel words, “WHAT EVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF MY BROTHER OR SISTER IS DONE UNTO ME” (Mt.25:24). Any monetary assistance that comes from you WOULD BE MOST SINCERELY AND HONESTLY spent for the project meant for our less fortunate. Though this is my dream project, you are called by the Lord to take part in this project by your prayers, financial contribution and other moral support. Please extend me your helping hand for the GREATER GLORY OF THE LORD IN THE SERVICE OF THE OLD AND THE POOR.

I as a priest deeply committed for the people of God, sincerely vouch for the project undertaken with utmost care and honesty. A regular and due report will be forwarded to the benefactors and donors at regular interval. An auditing will be done with every detailed account. Looking forward to your little kindness for the LODR’S NEST