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Unity Prayer Meet
The 2015 Unity Week Prayer Meet in the Bangalore Zone of United Christian Forum began exactly at 5.00 pm as it was desired. Most Rev. Bernard Moras the Archbishop of Bangalore and the President of Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights entered into the More+

Dear Christian Brethren
A theme, for our Ecumenical Christmas Program in The August Presence Of Our Archbishop Bernard Moras (Chief Guest), Guests of Honour, Priests, Pastors, Nuns, And Laity From Various Denominations... More+

Fr.Nathan with KGF's Former MLA
Fr.Nathan, has done lot of good works in the Mother of Mines shrine in KGF with the help of Mr.Bhaktavachalam, the former MLA of KGF... More+

Fr.Nathan's Thamizh activies
Fr.Nathan has been active with the Thamizh Association of Bangalore and he was invited by the Thamizh delegates in Bangalore. More+

Thamizh Sangam's 25 year anniversary activity