Our Service

The Lordís Nest aims at serving the poor and old women as well as boys school going boys. The Lordís Nest is a nest for the unfortunate and less privileged women/widows who have lost their in the gold minesí rock bursts in Kolar Gold Field (Karnataka, India). This organization desires to put up a home for the aged and boysí home specially meant for poorest school going boys of KGF and even from poor section localities of Katakana and Andhra and Thamizh Naadu.

The Lordís Nest is a project for multi-faceted programs for the mentioned senior citizens and poor boys.

Helping the poor Adopted children : Fr.Nathan has been helping near 57 children belonging mainly to KGF and Bangalore with uniforms, notes and books, admission free, shoes and ties, monthly fees and even medical examination and medicines if required. This is a philanthropically moved act of Fr.Nathan. Every year since 2004, Fr.Nathan is extending such educational helps to the children. Till today the act continues. Till now, many boys and girls have entered many high schools, colleges and industrial training centres.

Releasing of CD Kuzhanthaiyaa : Fr.Nathan has produced so far 7 music CDs in Thamizh, with all devotional and social and cultural motivated songs in Thamizh. They are very known to the Thamizh world. May his music ministry grown day by day.

Retreat at Vailankanni : Bringing priests together under one banner is an herculean task in todayís world. But this was realized in 2012 in Feb at Vailankanni. It was a spectacular event that brought Vatican officials and bishops and priests together for a spiritual get together.