About The Lord' s Nest

Dear Brothers and sisters
The Lord's Nest is a Trust that desires to achieve two major tasks for the poor and old women and poor school going boys.

Probably our viewers may know that our Trust is undertaking many activities for the poor old women and poor school going children.

Since 2004, many children from Kolar Gold Fields have benefited from our education and medical charitable works.

Every year, fees, school uniforms, notebooks and textbooks are supplied to 50 children. Also 50 old poor women are helped with blankets and medical help during Christmas time.

Until 2013 I was able to receive financial assistance from my friends in Italy.
There Were some sponsors who helped our poor children for their education.
Due to the recession in Italy, the sponsors discontinued their funds for our children.
However I was not discouraged by their discontinuation of their aid to our children.
I sought assistance from good hearted people like you, to help me continue the educational aid to our adopted children.

Our help to the poor children of KGF is going on but at a very minimum.
Though Not I am able to help all our adopted children for their education even during the lockdown times some assistance is given to them, so that they would continue their education.

The present world is contemptuous towards the aged and the dying. Human respect and love for the aged is getting shadowed beneath the love for money and pleasure. In today’s world senior citizens are increasing in number. Often and in many families they are denied their rights and basic needs. Urbanization and globalization are the two progressive theories that in many circumstances deny traditional respect for senior citizens, namely our own parents and grandparents. Where will they go then when they are rejected? Who will care for them? Is there anything that could give them solace in the last stage of their life? Yes, as last resort it will be HOMES FOR THE AGED. Today there is more demand for the establishment of HOUSES for these noble people, namely THE AGED. They look for a nest where they could lay down their heads in peace and in good health.

The word ‘NEST’ denotes shelter for birds. Returning back to their nests from their search for food, birds lie down in joy with their little chicks. In a similar inspiration, The Lord’s Nest that is coming up just 1 Km from Andersonpet township in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF, a gold mining town), Karnataka, India, is meant to shelter the rejected and the lonely fathers and mothers or grandparents. In other words, ‘The Lord’s Nest’ is a house that would feed, clothe and nurse many poor, abandoned and the rejected elderly people with TOUCH OF LOVE AND HUMAN DIGNITY. Blessed Mother Teresa, whom I met in 1995 and whose funeral ceremony in Kolcatta I covered for the Vatican Radio broadcast in 1997 September on 13, is my sole inspiration for this project.

KGF was known as little England for a reason that the British East India Company established and managed the Bharat Gold Mines here for over 100 years. They made this town like a haven for themselves so beautiful, so clean and so well adminsitered and also due to its moderate temperate weather and a beautiful landscape more similar to Britain`s. It also had a sizable Anglo-Indian Population who worked in the various mining shafts here in different capacities.

CLOSURE OF THE BGML : Hard working labourers largely from Thamizhnadu were brought for cheap labour along with many counterparts from Andhra Pradesh for the underground work. Nearly 20,000 laboueres worked in the underground and surface for the extraction of gold from various shafts in KGF. About 800 tons of gold was extracted in the given period until 2001.

After India’s independence, the Britain’s East India Company handed over the establishment named then as BHARAT GOLD MINES LIMITED to Indian authorities. But in 2001 February, the then Indian Central Govt on a ground that gold was not available at a profitable range closed down this public sector without any prior arrangement for the livelihood of the employees who toiled in the underground for over 100 years. It is said nearly 6000 employees died of various natural causes as well as man made errors in the mines. KGF was once a pride of India, now it is not. The Central as well as the State authorities pay less or no attention to the poor people of KGF due to many factors such as religion,caste, language and many social and political issues.

DEMOGRAPHY : People in KGF are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Janis and Bhuddists by their faith; mostly Thamizh, Urdu, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi by their langauge; Dalits and non-Dalits by caste and peace loving by their social nature. Over the years in this mining town, free and fair religious conversions took place by Christian missionaries and today Christians constitute 40%, of the KGF population (250,000) of course, belonging to different denominations such as Roman Catholic Church, Church of South India, Anglican Church, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Calvary Assembly, Believers Church, Assembly of God Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran Church and many independent Ministries. All live here amicably. In fact, the understanding and good will of all the diverse people here in KGF is a matter of great relief and pastoral zeal for Church. There has never been a clash among KGF people on any barrier. The Christians in KGF are faithfilled ock of Christ, docile, hard working and pious. Although they are not recognized by the Local, State and Central Govts due to which they remain so poor, their faith is strong and commendable.

Kolar Gold Fields was the first city in Asia to get Electricity from Shivanasamudram waterfall, near Kanakapura, Bangalore in the then Mysore State (present Karnataka state). People once, as far from Kolar town (Head quarter of the district of Kolar) could see the lights of this once prosperous city, KGF. First train service in India and first telephone service was introduced here in KGF. The town boasted with the second deepest gold mines (Champion Reef) in the world, only next to Johannesberg, South Africa.

Silicosis, a form of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust, was first identified in KGF. National Institute of Miners Health had its headquarters in KGF. This, once cool town also has the distinction of having a golf course started by the British dating back to 1885 and affiliated to Indian Golf Union.

KGF played a major part in the economy of the then British Empire. A collaboration of Particle physics from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Osaka City University, Japan and Durham University, UK recorded the first Cosmic ray Neutrino interaction in an underground laboratory in KGF mines in 1965. Such a glorious town today is an abandoned city for various social and political reasons.